Soul 4 Real: Saving Souls with Soles

This is me rocking my GiveShoes. GiveLove tee! Muy cute huh?!?

Last week I wrote a compelling article for EBONY online that challenged millennials of color to be more accountable in their communities. While I recognize all of us aren’t just kicking back and poppin’ bottles, we also aren’t lining up to enroll in the Peace Corps in droves like our white counterparts. I get it, finding the time and resources to give to a cause we can relate to isn’t easy. Thus, you have me to help you find what works for you. #win This week I bring to you: $7, a pair of shoes, a coke and a smile.

So I KNOW you have $7. How do I know this? Well, because you just sipped it out of that Starbucks cup on your desk. Or you just spent it as a part of your weekly manicure- or haircut. Better yet, you just spent nearly $7 a gallon on gas. So yeah, you have $7. But what I now want you to do is consider taking $7 to give seven pair of shoes to seven kids in need in the US and abroad.

Enter Give Shoes. Give Love.

Give Shoes. Give Love. is a micro-giving campaign of Soles4Souls and The Love Alliance. By registering to donate $7 each month you are helping to put shoes on the feet of 300 million needy children worldwide. That’s 84 kids a year you alone are providing shoes to. (Yes, I know ending that sentence with a preposition is killing me too.)

How does this impact your community? Well, 50% of those kids are in our backyards. Yeah, not every kid in the hood is really rockin’ Jordans. So you can sacrifice seven bucks and still buy your fancy lunch from the food truck. OH, and by signing up for the cause you’ll receive a FREE Love Alliance t-shirt. (I got mine the other week and it is super cute!)

And there it is. $7 a month = Seven pair shoes for kids who need them. It really is that simple.

You can also join brands such as Adidas, Puma, and Forever 21 by donating those shoes you’ve been holding on to and not wearing. Soles for Souls accepts used adult-sized shoes and sneakers for men and women. Stilettos. Pumps. In The Club. Oh. :-/  Find your local drop off site.

Our giving should reflect our lifestyles. I’m not expecting us to write big checks or pull up to our neighborhoods with U-Hauls full of turkeys. However, what I do expect- and what you should expect for yourself- is the opportunity to contribute to the world around in smaller ways that will eventually make a larger impact.

Now, hop on over to our Giving Made Easy page for a few more ways you can give back- including donating fancy dresses for proms, washing a few loads of clothes and giving some canned goods.


Join me next Tuesday for our second installment in the For Goodness Sake! webinar series. We will be talking branding for our personal and professional image and for non-profits. The webinar will feature successful business woman and founder of Tastemaker Magazine, Tiffini Gatlin and extraordinary NYC/Miami-based photographer Amy Anaiz Genao of A.Anaiz Photography. April 24. 8pm. Be there! Register Today!

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