I Know That’s Right!…Amen!

Ok so, I LOVED the show AMEN! This has nothing to do with the post, except it's what popped up when I Google'd Amen. Works for me!

If you’ve ever been to a black church (or to the movies at a Magic Johnson theater) you know there is a lot of call and response. Most of the talk-back happens during the sermon the preacher delivers. If you’re in the right church, you’ll hear a whole lot of: I know that’s right!,  Amen!, and my personal favorite, You better say that thing!

Yesterday at the church I attend, there was a lot of Amen’n going on. The sermon was simple yet compelling. It was entitled: Service to Save. The preacher reminded the congregation that as Christians our service in life is to help bring people to Christ so they will become saved. But the community leader in me heard a double meaning. The complementary message I received was, as human beings we are ALL called to serve others to help save their lives. Yes, service is our collective responsibility to help one another.

Can I get a Amen?!

Mary Wright Edelman said it another way: Service is the rent we pay for living. She’s absolutely right. How can you live a life and not give your time, energy and talents to those less fortunate that you?

I know that’s right!

I remember babysitting for the children of the women of Mary’s House, a transitional home for single mothers, as a volunteer while in college. I initially took up the volunteer role to complete service hours for my sorority. However, as I watched the kiddies every Friday as the mothers went to group therapy, I began to realize I was being used as a vessel to help keep those women alive. After my hours were complete, I remained as a volunteer to give a little more hope for the women there.

Knowing you are helping to save a life sounds like a tall order but I’m here to tell you, it’s not. You can save a life with a smile. You can save a life by helping a kid read. You can save a life by being on call for a domestic violence hotline. You can save a life by playing a game of chess with a kid in the hospital. The ways your life can save another life are endless. I don’t know how you’ll do it, but you will know once you do it.

There was a movie a few years ago called Crash. The movie told the story of several people and how every decision they made in one day affected the same car accident and/or how they were affected by that accident. I remember leaving the movie theater thinking, ‘Wow! You never know where someone has been when they cross your path.’

After yesterday’s sermon those words reentered my mind. We never know what we’ll mean to the whose paths we cross- for a second, for a moment or for a few hours. So find a way to give back. Take a breeze at the Organizations We Love at the left. And feel free to contact any of the resources located under Helpful Resources; also at the left. Always remember, you could be the one to save somebody’s life.

Amen?! Amen.

Ya’ll can pronounce the benediction now. 🙂

Don’t forget to REGISTER to take part in our live interview with Tracey Webb, founder of *Black Benefactors next Tuesday 3/27 at 8pm! Tracey will be sharing the importance of giving circles and how they can impact our giving habits as budding philanthropists. Please join us next Tuesday! All you need is a computer, a keyboard and some audio!

*Black Benefactors is a social investment club comprised of individual members, local businesses and organizations that are dedicated to addressing the societal ills facing the African American community. Also known as a giving circle, member donations are pooled with the donations of other members to significantly contribute to the causes we care about.

6 thoughts on “I Know That’s Right!…Amen!

  1. Aww man, the webinar sounds like a great opportunity. Unfortunately, due to the time difference, I will be unable to attend. Will you provide notes? Thanks in advance!

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