For Goodness Sake! Try Something Different

We’ve been talking the last few weeks about how to give and why starting now is essential. So, it seems only right that we introduce a different way to give: Giving Circles.

Giving Circles have been around a long time. Traditionally they are made up of folks with long money- that which we know not of. But that’s okay! Now you’re going to learn how giving circles can be an option as you continue to bud as a philanthropist.

Join us for our very first live web interview in our educational series, For Goodness Sake!. That’s right, we’re taking education on giving and community engagement to another level! It’s all for you, Boo!- and it’s all FREE!

On March 27th, we’re hosting a live online interview with Tracey Webb, founder of Black Benefactors and Black Gives Back. Tracey is a sho’ nuff do-gooder who is happy to share how giving circles have enhanced her world of philanthropy. In our chat with Tracey you’ll learn: how giving circles work, how to join one, where the money goes and why now is a good time to get started. At the end you’ll also be able to ask her questions!

For Goodness Sake! Educational Series

Topic: Why Giving Circles? Why Now? feat. Tracey Webb

Date: Tuesday March 27, 2012

Time: 8pm-9pm EST | 7pm-8pm CST


Tracey Webb: Tracey has nearly 20 years experience in philanthropy and non-profit sectors. She has been featured and has written for major media outlets, including the Chronicle of Philanthropy in the article Missing Persons, that highlights the low number of black males in top leadership positions in nonprofit organizations; AOL’s Black Voices for Black History Month and the article, Top Ten Black Celebrity Philanthropists of All Time; and BlackEnterprise in the article, 4 Things to Do Before You Start A Charity. Most recently, The Foundation Center on 3 Reasons to Join A Giving Circle.

*Black Benefactors is a social investment club comprised of individual members, local businesses and organizations that are dedicated to addressing the societal ills facing the African American community. Also known as a giving circle, member donations are pooled with the donations of other members to significantly contribute to the causes we care about.

Yes, these are exciting times for giving! We hope you join us on March 27th to get in on the goodness! That’s not all….This Wednesday Amanda Ebokosia founder of The Gem Project is taking over Friends of Ebonie as our guest blogger! Show her some love this week!

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