[Guest Post ] Be The Change

President Obama introduced the nation to the concept of change back in 2008. But for those of us in the (side) business of making our communities better, we know change is a constant. Change happens every day. Change happens every chance we get. Change is simply who we are.

It is my pleasure to introduce a young woman who has made change more than a notion. She’s literally adapted the word into a movement. Her name is Bessie Akuba and she is our guest blogger for today. The following is from her for our reading pleasure. Enjoy!- Ebonie

You can read about Bessie and her projects and organizations on these sites:

bessieakuba.com | iamthechangecampaign.com | thesheismeprogram.org


Be The Change
by Bessie Akuba

Bessie Akuba Winn-Afeku is a Photographer & Creative Activist based in Atlanta, GA.

If you are reading this, then you’re probably familiar with social media and have a Facebook account or even a Twitter account. One thing about social media is that people absolutely love to share quotes. One quote that you may be be familiar with then is “You must be the change you wish to see in the world” by Mahatma Gandhi. This quote encourages people to not just wish for change but to live out the reason one wants to see positive change in the world.

Enter IamTheChange™ , a global social good photography campaign and brand inspired by the Mahatma Gandhi quote. I created IamTheChange™ to not only combine my love of photography with my passion for social good, bu to also inspire people to be the type of change they want to see in the world.

All of us are here on assignment, a purpose if you will, and we’ve been given gifts to use while we are here. We all can use those gifts to inspire others to realize their own, and possibly spark the mind of the person that will change the world.

What contributions do you have that may change the world? We all have something in us. Take a moment and visit iamthechangecampaign.com  and be inspired to be the change!

Here are a few examples of my subjects telling me why they are the change:

Actor, Rico Ball| twitter.com/therealricoball
Lucy Pear|twitter.com/lucy_pearl

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