There’s Nothing Like A Woman Scorned

What happens when politics meets passion? On another blog the answer would be Elliot Spitzer. But here on Friends of Ebonie, the answer is Susan G. Komen Foundation and Planned Parenthood.

The two non-profit organizations, whose relationship is sustained through generous donations from Komen to Parenthood, nearly called it quits last week.

You can read in this HuffPost Politics article that Komen unceremoniously revoked funding from all organizations under investigation from Congress over certain service offerings-namely, abortion. For Planned Parenthood, that meant losing the $600,000 in funding Komen donated for free and low-cost mammograms to Parenthood clients nationwide.

What happened next is proof that when you mess with woman’s healthcare- especially as it relates to low-income recipients, there will be hell to pay!

Millions of Americans donated to Planned Parenthood contributing nearly one million dollars in funds to ‘replace’ the $600,000 Komen took back. Not only did we give, the we made a lot- and I mean a lot of noise. People petitioned, posted their outrage on Facebook and Twitter and heads of the Komen Foundation resigned in protest of the funding decision.

And three days later…..Komen reversed their decision.

Starting with an apology, The Komen Foundation said its initial decision wasn’t motivated by politics at all. But there are many that beg to differ. I even have my suspicions but that’s for another blog…

What’s important to note for our discussion today is how a ‘do something’ movement can and will change things…How a mass social media outcry will force the hand of the nation’s largest- and only- breast cancer charity…How when people feel there is an injustice, they will donate more money in a few days than the organization can raise in an entire fundraising campaign season….And how when you stand up for what you believe in, you always win in the end.

I am interested to see the support the Foundation receives as it gets closer to their annual Walk/Run fundraisers. How badly has this hurt the reputation of such a large non-profit? Will their mission to support curing breast cancer rise above their position on other women’s issues?

I’m also interested to see how will this play out on a larger scale for Planned Parenthood, you know with all their new supporters and all? #winning

This is going to be interesting. As it unfolds I’ll be right there listening.

Until next week…Don’t just talk about it, be about it. Do Good!

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