Success: In Pictures & Words

Me & My "God's Not Through With Me Yet" Vision Board (Photo: AAnaiz Photography)

Top of the week to ya! 🙂 With little Blue Ivy Carter finally here there is no reason for us not to have a great week, right!? Mazel!

Last week I mentioned the concept of vision boarding as a tactic to keep track of our new goals in the new year. In case you missed it, “visioning” is the transfer of your goals from your head onto poster board using images and words that inspire you. While I use my vision board for personal growth, you can make a vision board for anything in life. A new family. A new positive outlook in life. Or hey even desired love…Like when I made one for the imaginary Prince Jamal and it was featured on my episode of VH1’s Why Am I Still Single? Oh. Nevermind, I digress.

Vision boarding can especially be helpful for growth professionally- including social responsibility. As community organizers, super volunteers, organization leaders and social changers, we tend to have pretty big “I want to change the world” dreams. As such, we run into difficulty getting all of our dreams fulfilled because we want to do so much! However, I strongly believe if we are able to organize those dreams onto paper using bold images and motivating words it will help to keep us focused. Not to mention the process of creating a vision board is calming, therapeutic even. I recommend doing one at least once a year!

What better time than now? Let’s make one!

Materials needed:
Blank paper
Poster board or cardboard
8-10 old magazines or ones you don’t care about cutting up
Glue or tape; whichever you prefer

Step One: Brainstorm
Using the blank paper write down the dreams you have for your community work. Ask yourself: What do I envision my community to look like after I leave my mark? What are the values I need for successful impact? What types of programs do I want to do? Who will be affected? How will I do my work…Volunteering? Donating clothing? Reading to sick children?

Step Two: Find Your Images and Words
After you have clearly defined the work you want to do, grab the magazines and start flipping.

You should look for images that reflect what you wrote on the blank paper. For example: Images of happy babies if you do work with low-income families. Pictures of yummy, healthy food if your goal is to introduce better foods to communities. Or maybe smiling teenagers to represent your tutoring or mentoring work.

Then you want to look for words or letters to make words. Words you may find helpful are: Growth. Strength. Change. Empower. Volunteer. Help. Love. Donate. Give. Share.

Step Three: Arrange and Stick ‘Em
Arrange the images and words on the poster board or cardboard in a way that makes visual sense to you. Maybe it’s putting the word “educate” next to an image of kids. Or the word “fundraise” next to images of a red carpet. It’s your board, make it how you want.  Be creative.

After you arrange the images and words to your liking, stick ‘em down with the glue- or tape. Optionally, you can write anything extra or decorate more using the markers.

Step Four: Display Your Vision Board
Pick a wall or a door or somewhere you will see your board every day and hang it!

Your board is to simply remind you that all the difference you want to make is possible. You CAN do it! It is your own self-inspired inspiration board. See what I just did right there? If you can’t encourage you, then who can?

I hope you have fun making your vision boards! Once you’re done- or maybe you already have one done- post it to OR tweet me at @friendsofebonie and I’ll tweet it! #SharingIsCaring

Be your best you!!! I’m behind you 100%!

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