Elf You!

Oh I LOVE the holiday season! Christmas is my most favorite holiday EVER!!!! (That is if you don’t count Princess Ebonie Day but I digress…) I don’t love Christmas for its commercial value, I love it for the spirit of warmth and love it brings. Those who know me best know I’m like the Joan Clayton of all holidays- I go hard.

I’m continuing the spirit of giving here on Friends of Ebonie the entire season long so strap on your sleigh belts, it’s going to be a joyful ride!!!

This week I’m focusing on Elfing– otherwise known as: giving you can do with friends, organizations, kiddies, families and yes- even the Boo.

Holiday Mail for Heroes
Why not share the gift of the holiday spirit with our nation’s best? Help the American Red Cross and Pitney Bowes send holiday greetings to our men and women of service. Pick up a box of assorted cards. Grab your co-workers at lunch, substitute a happy hour after work, or even sit the Boo down after work, and get to signing cards! Use generic salutations such as “Dear Service Member” or “Happy Holidays Service Member”. Sign your names. Bundle cards (not envelopes) in a large envelope and mail to program’s address:

Holiday Mail For Heroes
P.O. Box 5456
Capitol Heights, MD 20791

Note: All mail must be postmarked by this is THIS Friday, December 9th.

The New York Foundling
The Foundling has been caring for and helping to place orphaned children for almost 140 years. Headquarted in the Chelsea neighborhood of NYC, The Foundling has plenty of Santa Clausing to do for the children they provide care for. Take a look at their Holiday Wish List and pick a few you and your folks can donate. Toys are on there but they need PLENTY of other items too! Perhaps choose one item and have a themed giving event, eg Kid-friendly DVDs or Kiddie Cosmetics. Or simply pool your monies and grab a stack of small denomination gift cards! Once you collect everything, schedule a drop off by contacting Alan Shatz (212) 886-4039 or alans@nyfoundling.org Then make a special Elf Delivery to their office to drop them off: 590 Avenue of the Americas (btw. 16th and 17th) NY, NY 10011

Holiday Socks for the Homeless
If you live in NY or DC or any metropolitan area for that matter, you see the faces of your city’s most vulnerable population. Life is already lonely for them but imagine how much harder it is during this time. Perfect for kids, Date Night or a group of girlfriends, put together some “Holiday Socks”. Simply purchase packages of warm socks, granola bars (or any snack item) and bottles of water. Stuff the water bottles and snacks in the socks and either store them in your car or grab a few on your way out the door to the train. Next time you see a homeless person on the street corner, subway or Metro, share the Holiday Socks (with a smile).

Feed the Needy
Again great for small groups, families, couples and friends to do together….Feeding the Needy. Community pantries and soup kitchens need extra hands this time of year and welcome your help. Many have special programs that welcome groups volunteering together. Search for your local food bank by zip code at Feeding America, the nation’s leading hunger-relief charity: www.FeedingAmerica.org. (source)

Alright, you have lots of Elfing to do. Get busy! Remember giving comes from the heart and there’s always a Reason For The Season…

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