Baby, It’s Cold Outside

You can’t tell by the temperature right now but it’s really supposed to be fall outside. In a few weeks it’s going to be winter. I promise you it will be. As sneaky as the weather has been, it just might be 30 degrees next week in NYC. And guess what? You’ll complain that it is too early in the season to be so cold but you’ll suck it up and grab your big coat and run along, right? Right.

Unfortunately, everyone in New York City isn’t so blessed. The winter cold means more than the inconvenience of breaking out winter gear a few weeks early. Extreme cold means increased exposure to flu and cold. It means bitter days and nights pinching with pain from the lack of warmth. It means knowing it’s 30 degrees outside but actually feeling like it’s 10 degrees because one very important thing is missing: a coat.

According to New York Cares, 18.7 percent of New York City families live in poverty. As a result, a vast number of New Yorkers have to choose between putting food on the table or purchasing a coat each winter. Can you imagine having to make that choice?!?

Why don’t you help a New Yorker this winter season NOT have to choose between food and warmth.

Join New York Cares in their goal of collecting 100,000 coats for the thousands of men, women and children in need this year. The New York Cares Coat Drive is starting this Tuesday, November 15th and ends December 31st.

On your way to work, grab those winter coats you haven’t worn for 3 years and drop them off at a collection site near you. There are over 200 places you can drop your coats off, here is a list of collection sites. If you are interested in hosting a drop site at your office or neighborhood business, register your location here.

Here is a complete list of ways you can donate.

Baby, it’s about to be really cold outside. Do your part to help your neighbor have a warm, warm winter season and donate a coat- or two. I’ve already gotten my Mama talking about cleaning out her closet full of unworn coats. YAY! Giving success!

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