Save Your Family Jewels

Hey ya fellas!

What would it take for you to not shave your moustache for let’s say…30 days?

A hott date with Sofia Vegara?

Ok, well since that’s not gonna happen, what if I told you your unshaven moustache will help keep your man parts healthy? Yes, those parts.

My plea today is completely sexist- on purpose! I’m pleading with men to take care of themselves because one in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. I’m especially talking to black men because black men are two times as likely to get diagnosed at a rate of 1 in 3! I’m begging that men go get tested for prostate cancer because even though 1 in 36 men die of this cancer, over 2 million are still alive today.* But they are only alive because they took action early!

While at the Classy Awards I met two men with fancy ‘staches. When I asked what the occasion was, they told me they are changing the face of men’s health. What exactly does that mean? Well…..Let me introduce you to the moustache movement: Movember.

Now that you know all about Movember, guys, join your fellow MoBros and help support the research that is working to eradicate prostate cancer…and save the family jewels!!! As a woman there’s only so much I can do. I can advocate. I can support. But I can’t test you nor can I grow a moustache and become a walking billboard for men’s health. But YOU can, Man!

Women, aka MoSisters, let’s encourage the men in our lives to join this month-long campaign and then go. get. tested!

Guys, go to to begin your Moustache Journey on November 1st!

For every man who becomes a MoBro after reading this Friends of Ebonie post, I will donate $5 towards their personal page goal! Once you set it up on, send me your page link to:

You too can be a MoBro!!!! (P.S. No, beards don’t count. I asked. 🙂 )

*According to statistics reported by the American Cancer Society. Read more about Prostate Cancer and how it can be prevented and treated here.

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