Full Cup Support

In one of the rare moments recently where I was actually watching football, I noticed the players were wearing accents of pink- hott pink even. “Oh wow, these new uniform choices are great. I love that the NFL is going for a more edgy look!”, I thought to myself. As the game went on and highlights from other games showed I noticed more and more teams daring to wear pink. I leaned over and asked my sorority sister what was up with all the pink? She replied in a very ‘why don’t you know this’ sort of tone, “It’s for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Ebonie.” Well duh, why else would a man play football in pink? Nevermind, don’t answer that.

The point is, it IS Breast Cancer Awareness Month and if you pay close attention you’ll notice lots of places and things have gone pink for a month. Including, O.P.I, Este Lauder, Yoplait Yogurt, Donna Karen, Stila, and yes, even Giant Grocery stores are selling pink re-useable bags- I know because I bought one. It’s then no great surprise the NFL,jumped in to do it’s part too. Go Boys!

Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month has been made much easier by those businesses that go pink in the month of October. In fact, you can just about support Breast Cancer Awareness Month at any point during your day. Featured on HuffPost Impact, I found a few ways you can give to breast cancer research without ever interrupting your daily routine:

1. In the shower

Crabtree & Evelyn’s rosewater shower gel and body moisturizer, are just two of the products from the new Pink Collection line. Your purchase will help the company reach its goal of donating $20,000 this month to the National Breast Cancer Foundation Shop Crabtree & Evelyn’s Pink Collection here.

2. Cup-o-Joe

A recent Swedish study found that joe-drinkers may have a lowered risk of an aggressive form of breast cancer, CBS reported, and that Caribou Coffee is contributing to the cause. When you buy the company’s Amy’s Blend, which combines citrus and melon flavors, Caribou will donate 10 percent of the proceeds to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Buy Amy’s Blend here.

3. Putting on Your Face

Sephora’s Beauty That Gives Back campaign offers several pink-ribbon products from a variety of brands. When you by products from companies like Clinique, Shiseido, and Ole Henrikson a portion of the proceeds will be donated to organizations helping to raise breast cancer awareness and benefitting research. Shop Beauty That Gives back here.

4. At the Gym

Both the American Cancer Society and the World Heath Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer have found that women who exercise at moderate to vigorous levels for three or more hours per week reduce their risk of getting breast cancer by 30 to 40 percent, ABC reported. At Ebags.com you can find a range of pink product gym bags from Adidas to Nike. All proceeds are donated to the Denver affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Shop Ebags here.

Read the entire list on HuffPost here.

Here’s one I want to share…..5. Afterwork Events

The CEO of The Busted Foundation and I met at The Classys last month and I fell in love with their signature event, Bowling for Boobies. When I stopped Stefanie and asked her to tell me more about Busted and how the event supports Breast Cancer, she explained: Bowling for Boobies® is a fundraising event to help provide financial assistance to local women who are experiencing financial challenges as the result of fighting and living with breast cancer. How awesome is that? See the video below and visit Bowling For Boobies to start your own team or attend a local event.

There you have it, Breast Cancer Awareness support in less than 700 words! YAY!… Do your part, I’m Doing It For The Girls!

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