Spotlight On Community Star: Parthenia Warford

It’s rare that you find people like Parthenia Warford. A selfless and dedicated woman, she gave 20 years of military service to our country while being a single mother and educating herself with two (soon to be three) masters degrees. In 2009 when an unexpected bout of arthritis turned into a permanent disability, it forced Parthenia to retire early. Most people would have given up. Most people would have signed the proverbial contract with life to play from the sidelines. But not Parthenia. Not the woman who always said yes! when life told her no!. Not the woman who overcame the stereotypes of being a teen mother and a single parent -to not one but two girls. Parthenia knew there was so much left to do.

As she took the time to reevaluate her life’s path, Parthenia set new goals for herself and her new situation. In true Parthenia form, she decided not to make this stage of her life about herself but rather decided to pay it forward by starting an organization to help others. Parthenia remembered how hard it was being a single parent in the military while living overseas with no immediate family support. She also remembered having to mentor young women throughout her career who, just like her, became mothers at an early age and needed a firm reminder about their priorities. Parthenia also recalled the nurses who cared and gently supported her as she sat in the hospital coping with debilitating arthritis for the first time. So, what better organization to start than one that provides financial help to military widows and military single moms who are pursuing their two-year nursing degrees?!?

Enter….The Warford Foundation.

The mission of The Warford Foundation is to expand the opportunities of single mothers and military widow families by increasing self-sufficiency through scholastic growth and achievement. Who can argue with that? Single-handedly processed to become a 501 (c)(3) through the hard work of Parthenia, The Warford Foundation became certified in January of 2011! Since then, Parthenia has partnered with Prince George’s Community College to give $250 per semester to a deserving female nursing student. Granted through the Foundation’s Project Impact Scholars program, recipients must meet certain guidelines of the program, including maintaining a 3.0 GPA and participating in one Foundation led community service project. Yes, even while helping these young women Parthenia is teaching them what it means to give back!

On October 15, 2011 The Warford Foundation will be hosting their second Black Tie Gala to raise funds for the Project Impact Scholars program. The evening will also honor Ashely Moore, a third year nursing student who has conquered life’s most challenging battles to finish her education and become a nurse. Set on The Club at Andrews Air Force Base, Parthenia wanted to capture the essence of an upscale military experience to ensure her guests will feel like the VIPs they are. Can you blame her?

Never one to complain or make excuses, Parthenia Warford has always made a way! And in making a way for her and her family, she has always had an arm outstretched to help someone else. In life we need people like Parthenia to remind us that this life isn’t about self-gratification, life is about serving others the best we can. It’s just that simple. Do good unto others as you would like them to do unto you.~ The Good Book.

Keep up with Parthenia on Twitter and on The Warford Foundation blog. Oh and if you’d like to support The Warford Foundation, please make a $20 donation towards the proceeds of the October 15th Gala… click here! You won’t be sorry!

Hats off and a special Dougie to Parthenia Wardford and everything she is!!!

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