All Classy Everything.

Well, if you followed my twitter timeline this weekend, you saw my tweets Friday and Saturday evenings about my fabulous time at the Classy Awards. Yes, that’s right, The Classy Awards- The Largest Philanthropic Awards Ceremony In The Country.

I first expressed how enamored I was with the Classys back in July. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to make it out to San Diego for the Awards then, but with a little help from the Man above and a very classy VIP invitation from the guys (and gals) at StayClassy, yours truly boarded a plane last Thursday headed West. I knew I was in for a very sassy affair, but I had NO IDEA how impressed I would be.

From the opening reception at the W, to the pre-party where I met a few of the wonderful non-profit partners and sponsors of the Classys, to the night of the show where everyone felt a like a VIP as they strolled down the red carpet- the event proved how much it stands in a class all by itself. The Classy Awards isn’t just an awards show, it is an endless blanket of opportunity to meet people- young(ish) people- who not just talk about it but ‘be about it’. Being in the presence of my peers, who are also good-looking, down-to-earth and might I say wayyyy cool, was so refreshing. Often times us non-profit folk get labeled dull and crunchy- like granola. Well let me tell you, one night at The Classy Awards and you would think, “Am I at the VMA pre-party?” My point is StayClassy makes giving sexy, relevant and meaningful.


There is a reason we all give and a season for which we all cross paths. The organizations and people I met in San Diego are such inspirations. They inspire me to be better and they truly make the world a better place. Stay tuned, Friends of Ebonie has LOTS of awesome content coming up from the great people I met!

And finally, I’m soooo glad I planned to photo-flash-record everything because there is no way I could have written an entire post about my experience. So without further ado…….

Friends of Ebonie Goes Classy!!!

15 thoughts on “All Classy Everything.

  1. Hi Ebonie! Thanks for the mention in your post about the Classy Awards. I enjoy my work and love what I do. How did you find my story/nomination?

    Here is a link to my blog. I’m new to the blogging world so it’s very basic right now but I will post your link on my page. Take care. KIT

  2. Aw how lovely! You know I’m all about paying it Forward so I love that they recognize people/organizations making a difference. So who won charity of the year? Great name for the awards. My friend Tolu and I always say, “Keep it Classy!”

  3. Wow…I knew there was a reason you were doing such great things. Just read your twitter bio and I see you that you are one of my Sorors šŸ™‚ and a fellow HBCU graduate. I went over Spg. 96 at Wilberforce University (Beta chapter). Awesome to connect with another great Soror doing great things in the community.

    Our work at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Detroit is going great despite budget cuts from Federal funding we are moving forward and serving more youth in the Detroit area. Last year we served 1250 youth this year we’re shooting for 1500!

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