Today Was a Good Day

When the great philosopher Ice Cube said today was a good day, I know exactly what he meant. I can’t even put my finger on everything that’s making me feel so happy these days but today in honor of my feel goodness, I’ll be sharing some good news!

Let’s start with OBG Adventures. This fabulous organization uses outdoor camp activities to provide girls between the ages of 11 and 16 with experiences unlike any they’ve ever known. In addition to promoting the joys of camping, founder Tracey Friley, has created The Passport Party Project. This special campaign will gift 100 girls with their very first passport within the next 18 months! How exciting is that?! If you are a lifestyle or travel blogger or just want to join the fun, visit The Passport Project blog here!

In other non-profit good news, volunteer Brandon Middleton is teaching students all about film making through Citizen Schools. A Cisco engineer by day, Brandon took his expertise in film making and turned it into a teachable skill to help the Citizen Schools mission of expanding the learning day. In an article for the Redwood City Patch, Managing Program Director of Citizen Schools Katie Brown said, “Our volunteers, like Brandon, make the students’ school day learning relevant by connecting academic content to real world applications.” Brown continues, “Citizen Schools’ apprentices look forward to seeing volunteers like Brandon every week because they bring energy, enthusiasm, and creativity to their work in the classroom.” Tell me that isn’t good news?! Citizen Schools partners with hundreds of schools nationwide. Check out their site to find a school near you and go teach the kids something good!

In more good news, the new Jay-Z and Kanye album, Watch The Throne, hit the internets and IT IS GOOD! Like really GOOD! Wait, I digress…..

The good news continues in where else???….Brooklyn! Former homeless teen Orayne Williams has come back home to make a difference in the lives of students. In 2010 Williams graduated from Bedford Academy with honors despite being abandoned by his family and left to survive in shelters. With the goodness of some caring New Yorkers, Williams received $15,000 in donations to fund his college tuition and is now a 19-year-old Manhattanville College sophomore. In an effort to pay his good fortune forward, Williams has started Progressive People Movement. The mission of PPM is to enrich the lives of young people and part of its goal is to prepare less fortunate high school students for graduation and college life. Williams has raised $3,000 for PPM’s programming efforts- and he’s not done! There’s lots more to the organization’s framework and you can help with its good works. Check out their website and like them on Facebook. Talk about paying it forward! 

In the midst of a stringent political atmosphere, famine in East Africa and the violence on the local five o’clock news everywhere, I’m glad to know good is still on the upswing. All of these do-gooders deserve a huge round of applause. And so do YOU! *applause* If you or your organization have good news, please share in the comment section!

I hope your week stays on the good foot! We’ll see one another in the same place next week!


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