Keeping It CLASSY!

Weekly blogging has its ups and downs. There are some weeks I stare at the computer void of a topic to write about. In return my computer laughs at me. Yesterday was one of those days. But thank God for friends! A few hours after g-chatting my woes to my friend and Friend of Ebonie star, T. Nicole, I had an email in my inbox with the subject: Philanthropy Awards. Two clicks later, I found myself in love.

Ladies and gentleman, allow me to introduce you to The Classy Awards!

The CLASSY Awards is the largest philanthropic awards ceremony in the country, recognizing the most outstanding philanthropic achievements by charities, businesses and individuals nationwide.(Source)

A staple initiative of, one of the newest digital platforms offering fundraising and communications tools for nonprofits, The Classy Awards celebrates the passion and commitment behind charitable causes. The Classy Awards also takes the stigma off charity work. Just because we’re always in the trenches doesn’t mean we can’t come up for air and be a little fancy.  The Classy Awards are just as classy as its name sounds. Everyone arrives in their black-tie best. They roll out the red carpet, bring out A-list philanthropists and have top-notch sponsors. They are indeed the Oscars of the philanthropic world.

I know all too well the effort that goes into the planning of a big awards show. I remember sitting around the boardroom table with Stephen Hill and the show team planning the 2007 BET Awards. Everyone wore halos- yes, actual halo-headbands because Stephen wanted to remind us that that year’s show was about giving off the ‘Halo Effect’. It was important to connect with our audience, our talent, and our in-house guests. That exercise taught me why awards shows exist: to make people feel good. That is exactly what The Classy Awards is going to do, make everyone feel good.

What I love most about The Classy Awards, all the lavishness aside, is its appeal to youth professionals and its emphasis on young leadership. I also love The Stay Classy Awards because it showcases real, everyday people. Do-gooders spend so much time giving back to others they often forget about themselves. It’s especially easy to forget the good in the world when the negativity in our society seems to get most of the publicity. So when nominees such as La’Leatha SpillersNorthwestern University Dance Marathon or  Emily May get the opportunity to be celebrated, I absolutely lose my marbles with excitement!

And finally, I love the Awards for its ability to bring together people from all walks of life in the name of goodness- sprinkled with a lot of sass! The Awards ceremony is surrounded by a weekend of hip and trendy activities starting with a day-long networking event, followed by a pre-party and topped off with an after party. What better way to keep everyone on their toes and encourage networking and fellowship?!

I’ve already taken a peek at The Classy Awards nominees and they are all sprotacular! I’m going to take time this week to read about them all. You should too! Click this—-> CLASSY Awards Achievement Blog. Perhaps next year, we’ll see a few familiar Friends of Ebonie faces on the list? i.e. Tammy from She’s The First or Amanda from the GEM Project?! *hint hint*

I’m considering making a trip to San Diego for the Awards. If I do, you’ll hear all about it! In the meantime, here’s to everyone doing good things in our world and keeping it classy while they do it!

2 thoughts on “Keeping It CLASSY!

  1. Thanks for writing about the Classy Awards! Our organization is so grateful for their support, encouragement and willingness to honor the work of those in the non-profit sector. It’s really such a fun and inspiring evening…you should come!
    When you have a minute, check us (WitKids) out under Best New Charity and Small Charity of the Year.
    Stay Classy,
    Sarah Hernholm
    Founder, WitKids

    1. Awwww thanks for checking us out here and taking the time to comment! I’m very excited about the awards and I really do hope I can make it! I will definitely read about your org. I know the work you’re doing is amazing!

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