Spotlight On Community Star: Meet Young Black Philantropist, Ezinne Kwubiri

Community Star: Ezinne Kwubiri. Isn’t She Lovely?!

Happy Monday!

I’m always super excited to share ways on staying engaged in the community. But every now and again I like to show off my friends who are actually living what I’m writing about. ‘Tis true, birds of a feather do flock together.

This week it is #teambff member, Ezinne Kwubiri.

Ezinne and I met….wait, I can’t quite remember. But we both worked at Viacom’s MTV Networks and Black Entertainment Television around the same time- so maybe that’s where we met. *shrug* What I do remember, however, is how we became such good friends: When we partnered to Save The Pink Tea Cup Restaurant. Yep, that was my partner! Team Teacup we were. We went. We saw. And we Saved the #1 Soul Spot in the Village! It was awesome working together. That experience showed me how dedicated Ezi and I both are to our community and the businesses that make it what it is. Since then, its been a match made in heaven- even when I drive her crazy. 😉

Service comes naturally to us both as we are active AND financial members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Though members of different chapters, we often pick each other’s brain about how we can best impact young people through the sorority’s DELTA GEMS and Project ACE initiatives. Ezinne has had such an impact on my life serving her community with her caring heart, planning and quantitative skills. It seemed only right that I share her good works with the Friends of Ebonie family.

Here is our conversation about what she does, how she does it and why it means so much to her. Enjoy!

Me: Hi Ezinnnnneee!!!!

Ezinne: (chuckle) Hi Ebonie.

Me: Miss me?

Ezinne: Of course.

Me: Good. I mean what else would you REALLY have said anyway?

Ezinne: *crickets*.…chuckle

Me: Ok, let’s get started. Thanks for taking the time to do this by the way. You know I love you.

Ezinne: No problem. I love you too. Now get to the questions…

Me: Ok, what motivates you to give back to your community?

Ezinne: My motivation to give back comes from my high school teachers and college professors that always pushed me to take one step further to reach my full potential. Knowing that today, it’s not about me, my job, my bills, or these new shoes I want- but it’s about hearing a student master a subject after months of struggling, or receiving a big hug from a young girl I mentored, or seeing a young man holding the door after a chivalry workshop…these are all the things that motivate me-and much more.

Me: Awesome! How have you been able to use your skills in the community?

Ezinne: Fortunately, I’ve been able to use my Howard University business degree for my professional career and my community’s development. With my combined skills, I’ve been able to aid different organizations that I’ve volunteered for to host programs, workshops, and help them be financially sound. Recently, I became a Board Member for the non-profit, She’s the First, as their Treasurer. 

Me: *cough* Howard what? Lol……..Yes, you ARE the new She’s The First Treasurer. I know you are loving that role.

Ezinne: Yes, I really am. It has its challenges but I relate so much to their mission by being the first in my family to do many things that it doesn’t even really seem like hard work at all. I know it’s worth it.

Me: *tear* ….Ok, last question. What advice would you give to the successful urban professional who wants to get active in their community?

Ezinne: My advice to the urban professional about getting active in the community is simple…Start TODAY! We have the tendency to put things off when we KNOW our help is needed. Reach out to your friends that are involved in the community or reach out to organizations directly that target your neighborhood, interest, and/or benefits the age/gender you want to help. It’s important that we use our skills to foster relationships with the youth and give back to our own communities. If we don’t, then we have no one to blame but ourselves for the lack of positive role models in our communities.

Me: Well, snap on that note! I think you said it all!…Thank you for sharing with Friends of Ebonie.

Ezinne: No problem. Anything for Ebs.

Me: I know. I know.

Ezinne: *chuckle*

That ladies and gentleman is Ezinne Kwubiri. Born in Nigeria. Raised in the Bronx. Made better by Howard University. She’s still giving back and making those around her very proud. Let’s give her a hand!

Thanks for reading! See you in two weeks! Have a wonderful Fourth of July!!!!

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