When I Grow Up

As you probably know by now my life consists of work, work and school. The latter is kicking my butt.- for the best I suppose. I’m taking a course this semester called: Public Relations for Non-Profits. How fitting? I know. I wasn’t sure what to expect but so far… So good.

Last night’s lecture included a segment about foundations. I learned there are various types of foundations; including public charities, corporate foundations and community foundations. Foundations are required by the IRS to annually give at least 5% of its funds to charity. Who knew?!

The type of foundation that struck me was the Family Foundation. A family foundation is essentially developed when a family member(s) decide they have way too much money. What a travesty, right? To solve this problem, the family puts the money it into a foundation to a) get the tax exemption b) make the world a better place. Who loses? No one. Who wins? They all do. So what does this mean for Ebonie?….

It means, I want to start my own family foundation. Yep. I have $0 to start with but it’s coming! Lol. I’m sure if my last name were Gates, Kellogg, Carnegie, or  Kaiser this would be a much easier task. But since it’s just Johnson Cooper, things are going to happen a tad bit slower. Either way, it will happen.

I can see it now…The Kelly M. Cooper Foundation; named after my father. It will support the performing arts, education and international affairs; those were my father’s three greatest passions. Mom and I as the trustees and board members. There’s just something about knowing that my family’s name will exist to help others in a great way. It’s going to be sprotacular, you just wait and see!

For now, I’m going to strategize ways to make it through the next six weeks of class without having a coronary. šŸ™‚

Have a great week guys! 

2 thoughts on “When I Grow Up

  1. When you start your foundation, I know it will be great. Keep up the wonderful work. I look forward to your entries. When you said coronary I thought about my final tomorrow.

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