Diversity Rocks!


You know, I really enjoy championing for great organizations. I love getting my hands dirty brainstorming and planning for the next best fundraiser. I don’t even mind the hours I spend reaching out to sponsors for donations.<— I can almost write a book on it now. Lol. But what I love even more is seeing a room full of diverse individuals coming together for one common goal.

Diversity IS the spice of life, isn’t it?

While I have a passion for civic leadership and activity, I do what I do in part to encourage my peers to get active and give back as well. We are the new young, urban-professionals. Organizations seek us to bring unique point-of-views, ideas and resources to fulfill their missions and goals. We are one aspect of the Diverse Volunteer.

Diversity within the fundraising and volunteer arms of community based organizations makes such a difference.

As a volunteer of color for a program geared towards at-risk youth, your presence can impact a young person just because he or she sees someone who looks like them. Becoming a female board member for a domestic violence center that needs a leader to help plan programs for it’s safe-haven will empower the women you are helping to heal. Or simply offering your company’s resources to provide in-kind donations or financial sponsorship will shed positive light on your company and help with their corporate responsibility initiatives; don’t forget it’s a tax write off for them too!

The more diverse ideas, skills and resources non-profits have, the better they are able to reach the populations they seek to change. More often than not those populations- many of which include women and people of color- don’t see enough reflections of themselves leading the charge to help them. In a day where our options to affect change are endless, we should all endeavor to make a change where we can.

A lot of the time I hear from my peers that they want to touch their community but aren’t sure quite how. Soooo this is where I step in. *A friend in need in a friend indeed* 🙂

Here are just a few places diverse leadership is can be of great help in the NYC area:
…If you have more, feel free to add a comment and let us know!
Last chance to get your New York Cares Soiree tickets!!!! If you’ve ever thought about getting involved in an organization or going to a fundraiser- this is where to begin! It’s really a night filled with good times and extra good people- including myself! You can purchase your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE tickets here: www.newyorkcares.org/soiree (When you purchase don’t forget to tell them Ebonie told you about it!)

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