Let’s Get It Started!

Happy 2011!!!

I hope you had an amazing time ringing in the New Year. We’re all committed to our resolutions; at least until we forget about them. 🙂 Don’t we want to kick-start 2011 on an up note?! Well I say, why not donate to Chloe’s Wish and help finance the education of a young girl at The Trey Whitfield School?!

Charming little ones at TWS!!! They were excited for their 'Visitor'= Me.

The Reason For the Season campaign ends this week on January 6th. For the last month and a half Friends of Ebonie has been fundraising online for the Chloe’s Wish Fund towards our goal of $1,000. I’ve told you about TWS,  who Chloe Louise was,  why the Armstrong family is so amazing and top reasons TWS deserves your support. <— Feel free to catch up if you missed any entries. 🙂 I promise, you’ll be glad you did!

Please take this New Year and new you to make a difference in the life of a deserving little girl in East New York, Brooklyn. Your New Year will be even better for it!….and there’s an angel named Chloe Louise whose spirit lives on because of you.

Make your tax-deductible donation by clicking the Chloe’s Wish donation button here: http://treywhitfieldschool.org/donate.htm

Remember giving comes from the heart and there’s always a Reason For The Season…


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