Holiday Giving Made Easy.

Christmas is in three weeks! We’re all sorting our lists and making sure we don’t forget anyone. Well, while you do that add to your list: A Little Girl in East New York, Brooklyn. What are you giving her? A gift that will keep giving: Education.

How can you say no to learning? 🙂

As you know we’re in the middle of our Reason for the Season campaign. We’re raising money for the Chloe’s Wish Fund that will serve as financial assistance for a young lady at the Trey Whitfield School. I know it’s hard to figure out what is the right amount to give and/or exactly how it will impact the cause. Well, Friends of Ebonie is all about making giving easy. Here are a few examples of how your gift may be used:

If you’re giving on a budget- like a lot of us are: Your $20 gift may help the Fund erase the tuition balance for a little pre-schooler.

If you have a little extra because your bonus came early: Your $50 gift may help the Fund to provide the young lady with her senior year dues so she can get her cap and gown.

Or if you’re just fancy, like many of us wish to be: Your $100 gift may push the Fund over the edge and be able to provide a full scholarship for a 5th grade little girl.

No matter what you choose to give- small or large- it all goes to help a deserving female student at The Trey Whitfield School in memory of our special little Chloe Louise.

See, we make holiday giving that easy! One more item off your gift giving list!

Donations are accepted here: Please make sure to click the button for Chloe’s Wish.

Remember giving comes from the heart and there’s always a Reason For The Season…

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