There’s A Little Chloe in Every Little Girl

FOE Winter Fundraiser : Reason For the Season continues….

It could be the sparkle in her eyes.

It could be the way she giggles.

It could be the little genius inside of her.

While we’ll never experience Chloe Louise for ourselves, we do know the spirit of this special little girl will be alive at the The Trey Whitfield School.

The Trey Whitfield School has been opening its doors to young people for 27 years. It is their desire to make exceptional education affordable to all of their students.

Take TWS student, Ashley*. Ashley is a Hurricane Katrina survivor.  Ashley’s family was relocated to New York after the horrific hurricane swept through New Orleans in 2005. She is one of three students who was sent to learn at TWS from their shelter in New York.  Ashley arrived to TWS as a quiet, scared and frustrated little girl.  The teachers and administrators worked with Ashley- and her family- to get her back on a solid educational track as well as counsel her through that tumultuous time in her life. Three years later, I was privileged to watch a happy and joyful Ashley sing and dance her heart out with her 3rd grade class during their Chapel assembly.

Ashley’s story is just one example of the commitment TWS has to its students. They provide a space for more than educational achievement. They instill self-esteem and confidence; characteristics our children need to succeed. Progress like Ashley’s would not be possible without generous funding to ensure her education at TWS.

The goal of Chloe’s Wish Fund is to make sure a little girl in need is afforded the opportunity of an extraordinary education- just like Ashley. You can help make this possible by donating to the Chloe’s Wish Fund during our Reason For The Season Campaign thru January 6, 2011.

~Please make sure to click the Chloe’s Wish button on the page.~

Remember giving comes from the heart and there’s always a Reason For The Season…

Thank you to those who have already donated. 🙂

*Children’s names have been changed to protect their identity

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