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Just when you thought the best things to come out of Brooklyn were Biggie, Jay-Z and cheesecake, we give you: Anthonine Pierre. Anthonine is a prime example of someone who has taken her love for community and made it her life. For as long as we’ve known her she’s been a giver. It’s no wonder she’s working every day to make Brooklyn a better place!

Current Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Age: 27

How many years have you been giving back: 27? I can’t remember ever not giving back!

What is your personal mission: I’m a community builder! I work to bring people together to create change.

What has been one highlight of your giving/ community activity this year: The organization I work with, the Brooklyn Movement Center (BMC), just spent two months surveying hundreds of parents, teachers, principals and students about ways to improve a school district in Bed Stuy. We’re now working to get foundations to fund the implementation of the community’s ideas so students can get a better education in Central Brooklyn.

If you were gifted $1million dollars, how would you spend it? I would start an endowment fund to support organizations that do neighborhood-based community building work right here in Brooklyn.

What organizations do you lend your time and talents to? I’m the Lead Community Organizer at BMC, I plan events & programming for the Haitian American Caucus, and I’m an alum of Public Allies New York and the New Leaders Council’s NYC Chapter.

Follow her on Twitter: @AnthonineP 

Hats off to you Anthonine. You inspire us. You motivate others. And you are an amazing  young black philanthropist!!!

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